Artists and Crafters for First Sunday Arts Festival on Sunday August 7, 2011

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This Festival is loaded with artists and crafters. Its the most vendors you have seen this year at a First Sunday Arts Festival. Arrive early to be able to see them all. Plus the day is filled with great entertainment on Calvert Street and West Street. Park for free at the State Parking Garage on the corner of Calvert Street and Bladen Street. This garage is only about 1.5 blocks from the festivals beginning on Calvert Street.

The vendors are;

Whitmore Park / Calvert Street

Boyer, Julia
Vehicles for Change
Brock, Janice
Clark, Kimberly
Connolly, Jennifer
Element 120 Designs
Coyle, Allan
Crawford, Michael
Day, Michael
Erlinger, Karen
Fitzpatrick, Robin
Fitzpatrick Designs
Flood, Rosemary
Paxis Place Pottery
Genda, John
Hagman, Nancy
Hankey, Anna/Christine Lutz
Hardaway, Chantell
Jorden, Lorretta
Stitchery Designz
Klein, Alexander
Kuhn, Merin
Kuhnsman, Helen
Lewis, Alice
Textures Gallery
Lilly, Lauren Emily
Macharia, William
Mackinnon, Ian
McNabb, Scott
Morton, Dawn
Moyer, Loni
Pajarillo, Rolin
Shriver, Alison
Alison Shriver Designs
Stansbury, Shonda
Sam & Syd’s
Tom, Victoria
Wagoner, Kathleen
Charm City Company
Wardrup, Dave
The Happy Turner in Owings
City Gate / Calvert Street
Mendez, Ruben
Rakowski, Elinore
Walden, Dolores
Cenora Stelle
Trevisan, Sarah
Butler, Tracy
Malenich, Stephanie
Evans, Samantha
Etheridge, Neslie
West Street

Adams, Lisa
Adams Art Production
Anderson, Mary Lou
Barber, Sandy
Barnes, Pat
She’s Gone Nuts!
Barr, Steven
Raising Fashion Barr
Berman, Terry
Brigham, Lisa
Gray Ghost Glassworks
Burgos, Susanne
Dent Creek Creations
Christhilf, Donna
Chesapeake Yacht Interiors
Clautice, Laurie
Cots, Christine
M and J Turnings
Danella, Karen
Cedarwood Soaps
Dangoor, Erez
Darnell, Ashley & Tom Wright
In Rare Form
Dennis, Mollie
Dr. Infanti
Esson, Anne-Marie
Faine, Edward
Fairbank, Lisa
Fire Light Art Glass
Forbes, Karen
Forsythe, Susan
Frazier, Mary Lou
Gang, Janelle
Garcia, Laura
Isabells’s World
Giles, Barbara
Gonsales, Johnsy
The Whisper Music
Hagen, Holly
Handley, Jackie
Hartsfield, Susan
Houle, Laurie
Hubbert, Wesley
Hyde, David
Infanti, Raymond
Jackson, Ann Marie
Jones, Sharrin
Magic Bubble Shirts
Long & foster
Mild, Rosemary & Larry
Moore, Laura
Moore, Stephanie
Moser, Kenneth
Patuxent Lapidary Guild
Nudge, James
O’Lone-Hahn, Karen
Oshins, Stephen
Pascal, Danny
Pascal Photos
Pei, Sarah
Polonkey, Jim
Putnam, Leslie
Love & Glitter
Rossiter, Keerin
Meadow Hill Wellness
Shakya, Hope
Shanahan, Kris
Sharp, Ralph Edward
Smith, Pamela
Stonesifer, Sue
Fine Lines Design
Taylor, Anne
Parker Place
Thomas, Ellen
Thomas, Sandra
Tompkins, Caitlyn
Wagman, David
Wallace, Stephaney
Wang, Yandong
Wierzalis, bill
Winner, Kelly
Zeevi, Manny

For More information on the First Sunday Arts Festivals in Annapolis Maryland Visit us at www.firstsundayarts.com

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