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First Sunday Arts Festivals in Annapolis Maryland

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Artists and Crafters scheduled for First Sunday Arts on June 6th, 2010

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As of June 1st Artists and Crafters scheduled for First Sunday Arts Festival in Annapolis on June 6th 2010 are:

West Street    
New Booth # Name Business items
33 Anderson, Mary Lou Aqua Art Child activity
62 Angelaras, Laurie Silpada Designs silpada jewl
53 Barlow, Felicia   Annapalooza
60 Barnes, Margaret Devine Planet Jewelry picture jewl
0 Brock, Janice   French Linnen
26 Brookman, Caryn Silly Spud Tees baby/child items
46 Burgos, Susanne Dent Creek Creations jewl
30 Cook, Yvonne   jewl/silver/wire
66 Danella, Karen CedarWood Soaps soap/lotion
37 Darnell, Ashley   ceramic/ceramic jewl
16 Davis, Charles Link Bridge Images bay photos
22 De Los Rios, Patricia Peruvian Trend peru things
18 Dennis, Mollie   collage art
14 Ennis, Nancy, Shannon Nelson & Gay Durland   jewl
17 Fairbank, Lisa Firelight Art Glass fused glass jewl
4 Farrell-Johnson, Cynthia C. Farrell Johnson Fine Arts cards/prints
12 Garrett, Pamela Beltup d-ring belts
48 Gertz, Debra   bead repair/custom jewl
23 Handley, Jackie   Jacqueline Handley Designs
8 Heiser, J.K.   paint/cards
43 Hinman, Bobbie FairyBooks books
61 Holmes, Chris   watercolors
24 Hubbert, Wes Dogwood Hollow wood furniture
57 Jacobs, Nancy   mirrors/boxes
50 Krupnik, Steve   Noblu 
3 Landerkin, Kristy Seashaped, LLC glass/jewl
44 Larkins, Mary Ellen Church Street Graphics fused plate/jewl/sculpt
34 Leake, Regina   hairbraiding
51 Lewnes, Lisa Speranza Jewelry jewl
38 Lingham, Barbara Doodlebug Quilts quilts/accessories
32 Lockett, Ana   landscape Design
20 Luna Blue    
10 Mastroti Kunkel, Renata Renata Mastroti Pottery pottery
13 McCarty, Pat & Javid Mahajan Kashmir Imports shawls/scarves
65 McGinley, Arleen   fantasy items/jewl
45 McLauchlan, Staci   fabric art/quilts
64 Minto, Kelsey National Foundation for Cancer Research  
11 Moore, Laura   jewl
15 Moore, Stephanie   dog treats
19 Mulinde, Paul   photo/jewl/baskets
55 Nickerson, Adrianne   bead jewl 
5 Norton, Ralph   glass/jewl
29 Panella, John   lanterns
9 Pernia, Kim   jewl
6 Ramirez, Elizabeth Wimsey Cove Framing & Art historic maps/photos
58 Ricks, Melisa & Kim Grainger Beach Bum Art ceramic/scarves/jewl
27 Robinson, Ellen E Jay Art pottery/clay jewl
56 Russell, Diane   children/totes/aprons
31 Samuelson, Sharon   Stained glass
36 Scott, Julie The Herb Works infused oils/dip
1 Shanahan, Kris Chesapeake Bracelets  
42 Shriver, Alison Alison Shriver Designs sollage/prints/silhouettes
28 Soliwoda, Helee   Airbrush tattoo
54 Soreff, Debra Soreff Tile ceramic/tile/jewl/bowls
7 Stonesifer, Sue Fine Lines Design N’ Art paint&light bottles
21 Tarbutton, Polly   hat/ID
63 Taylor, Anne Parker Place house acces
40 Thompson, Angela Mia About NapTime Creations paintings for kids
25 Tierney, Allyson Sunya Designs jew/purse/apron
2 Vojtech Chesapeake Bay Photography photo/books
52 Wade, John   photo/country
47 Wallace, Donna   Switch plates
41 Weed, Susan By the Bay Jewels jewl/slv/lampwork bead/seaglass
59 Weissenbach, Jill Rude Ranch animals
35 White, Linda A Touch of Class jewl
49 Wicker, Marian   water/oil
39 Zeevi, Tamar   wood kitchen items
Booth # Name Business items
8 Ballard, Joni   jewl
10 Fontenot, Towanna   natural skincare items
30 Forbes, Karen   bead jewl 
11 Garcia, Laura Isabella’s World jewelry
2 Giles, Barbara   jewl
12 GottaSwing    
9 Joupoh, Anchalee   bags/fashion
27 Lunsford, Annie Laughing Moon Artworks t’s/prints/handers
18 Mack, Breeyn Lost and Favored jewl 
5 McMiller, Pamela   t’s/ jewl/bag
1 Medina, Percy   gourds/quilts
26 Polek, Paula   jewl/gold & silver
7 Wardell, Sarah   paintings
22 Wilson, Morgan   Seaglass jewl
16 Winner, Kelly   Beijo Bags
City Gate      
Booth # Name Business items
1 Todd, Barbara   massage
2 Pringle, Valerie MD Votes for Animals Animal advocacy
3 Gardner, Jackie   jewl/cloth/perfume
4 Drake, Michelle   face painting
5 Peterkin, Lucy   Takes vintage photos live
6 George, Soyini   clothing/jewl/access
7 Bauer, Janice   ceramics
8 Nudge, James Pepperschlepper chili items
Annapolis Arts Alliance Stan & Joe’s Parking lot    
1 Art Alliance/ Dominique Drew
2 Sonja Holleman
3 Eric Roberge
4 Rusty Beadbungalow
8 Janet Luby
9 Ginger Anklin
10 Jane Birch
11 Berry, Randy
12 Miller, Roger Roger Miller Photo
13 Cindy Applegate

There will also be an art reception at 115 West Street Suite 200 about one block from the Festival from 1-4pm artists 

Sheila Delaquil and
Pascal Delaquil IV


invite you to enjoy their artwork and lite refreshments



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The First Sunday Arts Festival Video

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Get a taste of First Sunday Arts. The video below is from footage taken at the May 2010 First Sunday Arts Festival. If you have not yet attended its time to head into Annapolis Maryland and check out this fun, free, local street festival on the first sundays of May through October.  Click the link and watch the video.

First Sunday Arts Festival Annapolis Maryland promotional video

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Artists and Crafters Wanted for First Sunday Arts and Craft Show

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Are you looking to sell your art or craft at a local arts and craft fair?

First Sunday Arts Festivals is seeking new artists and crafters to show and sell their art and craft at our monthly festival. The event has about 4,000 to 7,000 people attend each show. The festival has a strong following of  local and regional attendees plus tourists in town for the day. It is free for the public to attend making it easy for customers to become repeat customers or your work. Parking is easy with 3 parking garages within 2 blocks of the festival.

This show has sold out for the past few years. In order to open up more space for new artists and crafters we have limited vendors to 4 out of the 6 shows a year on West Street.  The festival has 3 areas for arts and craft vendors. They are West Street (between Church Circle and Calvert Street), City Gate (under the trees at the corner of Calvert Street and West Street) and Whitmore Park on Calvert Street (between West Street and Clay Street). All 3 areas also have entertainment and or music performers. Whitemore Park also has a limited number of spaces for food vendors.

First Sunday Arts Shows are held 6 times a year on the First Sunday of the month on Cavert and West Streets in Historic Downtown Annapolis Maryland.

Artists and Crafter vendors can start setting up at 9am.  All vechicles must be unloaded and off site by 11:30 am. The public hours are noon to 5pm. Vechicles can return onsite to load and teardown starting at 5pm and everything needs to be completed by 6:30pm when the street reopens to traffic. In the event of rain call 410-741-3267  after 8am to find out if the show will be canceled.

To get more Information or to Apply to be a Vendor at First Sunday Arts please click here  or call 410-741-3267

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June 6, 2010 press release Kick off your summer dancing in the streets of Annapolis

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Join us in Annapolis, Maryland for the 2010 First Sunday Arts Festival on June 6. For five hours – from noon until five — a portion of historic West Street above State Circle is closed to cars and transforms into a fun festival of live music, dance, art and crafts. The Festival, which continues around the corner into Whitmore Park, is free and a family affair for all ages. It’s the perfect place to enjoy an afternoon outdoors surrounded by talented performers, musicians, and over 90 booths of arts and crafts. Plus several of the West Street restaurants become outdoor cafes with perfect seating to watch the fun and people go by!

New this season to every First Sunday … in Whitmore Park: Swing Dances!
• Swing Dancing, hosted by GottaSwing, will be featured at each First Sunday this year.
• Free Swing Dance lessons given from 1:30 – 2:00 p.m.
• Swing Dancing from 2:00 – 3:30 p.m. accompanied by the New Legacy Jazz Band, followed by DJ-music that will keep the party going until 5:00 p.m. Watch this video by Swing Dancing video link by Gotta Swing students 

Performing on West Street during the Festival …
• Sparks, Raymond and McCoy – have appeared throughout the region and perform an acoustic mix of folk and rock music — from 12-noon – 1:30 p.m. in Wiseman Park.
• Annapolis Arts Alliance Member Exhibit –showcasing the rich artistic life of Greater Annapolis – from noon until 5:00 p.m. in Stan & Joe’s side lot.
• Unified Jazz Ensemble – A local favorite, the UJE, as they go by, bring a creative trio of the area’s finest jazz musicians together — from 3:00 – 4:30 p.m. in Wiseman Park. Video link of UJE

We hope you can join the fun and festivities on June 6th for Annapolis’ First Sunday Arts Festival. There will be four more opportunities to enjoy First Sunday’s activities in 2010: July 4, August 1, September 5, and October 3.

For vendor information,  call: 410-741-3267. The event sponsors are: Severn Savings Bank, and Gottaswing.com.
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First Sunday Arts is now on Facebook

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For all of you on Facebook, you can now keep up with First Sunday Arts on Facebook

Join us on Facebook and keep up to date on First Sunday Arts Festival events.

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About First Sunday Arts

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Top 10 Reasons to Enjoy First Sunday Arts

  • 100+ artists and crafters
  • 4 performance areas
  • 2 great streets in downtown Annapolis Maryland ( Calvert St. & West St. )
  • Thousands of locals enjoying an afternoon of arts and entertainment
  • Free Admission
  • Free Parking @ State Parking Garage corner of Bladen Street and Calvert Street
  • People Watching from your cafe table in the middle of the action
  • Family Friendly
  • Surrounded by great art galleries, boutiques and dining
  • Friendly pets welcome
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Hello world! from First Sunday Arts in Annapolis

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First Sunday Arts Festivals is now Blogging here, doing Facebook and has its own Website.

This arts and craft festival in Annapolis Maryland has a strong loyal following and we want to make it easier to let you know whats happening.

So pick your favorite way to stay informed, join this blog’s  RSS feed or facebook and bookmark our new website www.firstsundayarts.com

It is now easier than ever to get information about First Sunday Arts festivals than ever.

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